Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Vegan Curries

Hmmm, I need inspiration. Even my curries are starting to repeat themselves! I tried yellow split peas in this dal, instead of my more usual red lentils... but I don't know if it's the variant I was using, or my cooking method, but they never really went sweet and tasty, just stayed quite 'raw'-tasting and transitioned from hard and uncooked to watery and falling apart in an abrupt and unsatisfactory way. Despite that, I made an excellent rescue effort, frying the spices, adding the lentils and some pureed pumpkin, and perking it up with a few tsp of salt and sugar. Topped with the usual perfectly crisped onions, it almost tasted right, but I think I will stick to red lentils until I can buy a pressure-cooker, which was the recommendation of one of my Indian friends.

The hot and sour aubergine curry was absolutely delicious as always, and my naan turned out quite well considering I made them in less than half an hour.

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