Thursday, 26 January 2012

BBQ Challenge Week: Day 5: Australia Day BBQ!

I picked a great week to start this challenge, because Thursday is the most iconic of BBQ days, Australia Day! Sadly I have caught a cold (from someone at work who always comes in when they're ill, grrrrrr...) so spent most of this week with an increasingly sore throat, and on Australia Day itself could not summon the energy to cook anything. Luckily my lovely Perthian family were hosting a BBQ, complete with paddling-pool full of water to sit in when you get too hot - very much appreciated when it's 42 C! Everyone brought something delicious to BBQ - the super-husband picked up some chicken at the butchers' and one of my cousins brought patties shaped like Australia :)

I wish I'd taken a photo of the spread of food - there were some epic salads, including a pear & feta one which I must try at home, and many of the ingredients were grown fresh in the very garden in which we were relaxing. Still I did manage to get this photo of my auntie, as we played the traditional family Pineapple Game. You have to pay a unit of currency ($, £, A$, depending on where you are!) and then guess how many leaves the pineapple head has. We all massively overestimated this one! Just 99 leaves, mean guess was at 135!

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