Friday, 6 January 2012

Seared Kangaroo with Red Wine and Pepper Sauce

It was a little sad taking these kangaroo fillets out of the fridge, as we had been hoping to cook them before my youngest sister left, so she'd have one last Ozzie meal before heading home. But we forgot and went to a really lovely Japanese restaurant instead, so the next day the poor SO and I had to eat three kangaroo fillets between us. Shaaame ;)

This really doesn't qualify as a recipe; it's just a great way of cooking venison or kangaroo in just a few minutes. We made some mustardy mash and steamed some broc, then got a non-stick pan nice and hot with just a little olive oil in it. After peppering them thoroughly, we seared the fillets for just 45 seconds on each side, then tossed in some plain flour and splashed in lots of red wine. Stirred around and bubbled for a minute or so, until the sauce had thickened, then served straight away - absolutely yum.

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