Thursday, 20 October 2011


A yummy Mexican fast meal - although these might not bear much resemblance to anything actually prepared in Mexico! They're great for using up a last bit of cheese and some leftover vegetables. I like them with a dollop of refried beans or some guacamole.


  • 4-6 soft corn or flour tortillas
  • 100-200g grated medium cheddar
  • roasted, peeled red peppers, torn into strips
  • finely chopped spring onions, blanched or lightly fried
  • (or any other cooked vegetables or meat you have!)

Get your fillings ready - they should be at room temperature. Lay out a flour tortilla and add about 1cm height of fillings, leaving about 1cm gap around the edges. Put another tortilla on top. Carefully place in a heated, unoiled, non-stick pan, and dry-fry over a low heat for about a minute, until the tortilla is golden-brown and toasted. Using a large spatula, and a plate if you need to, flip the quesadilla over onto the other side. Toast again for a minute, then remove and cut into wedges. The cheese should be runny and delicious!

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