Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Peri-Peri Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday - telecon day - and the lovely SO cooked again: he rubbed jointed chicken wings and thighs in spices and roasted with sweet potatoes for 40 minutes, then served on a bed of lettuce. A nice simple meal that admittedly, I'd have done slightly differently, but still lovely.

My advice would be to slice the sweet potatoes into long wedges, rather than cubes as shown here, so you can dip them in sour cream with your fingers, since you're going to be eating the chicken with your hands anyway. I also prefer to remove the skin from my chicken, and rub the spices directly onto the meat; since I don't eat the skin, that means I get to keep all the nice flavour. Also, we used a little spice rub from a new market we discovered, and while it was ok, it really needed a bit more saucy heft, so I think next time I'll whiz up a little peri-peri sauce to go with.

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