Sunday, 18 December 2011

Mid-December Joy

I spent the second week of December at a conference in Melbourne. The most memorable meal there was at Pireaus Blues, a fantastic Greek restaurant where I certainly put on the conference pounds. Sadly I caught the flu toward the end of the conference, so spent the next few days huddled at home in bed, complaining that it was cold even in the 30 C heat.

At the weekend, my lovely middle sister appeared, and I just about managed to get to the airport to greet her. The super-husband prepared meals for the next few days, until I was feeling well enough to get up and about. Sister dear and I went on a late Xmas-shopping trip to Fremantle; here she is next to one of our baffling local objets d'art.

As I was not in the best of states to improvise, and we all felt like a bit of nostalgic home cooking, we stuck to some tried-and-tested favourites, like lamb abruzzio and pumpkin & feta & rosemary pizza. On a trip to the observatory, I made a trio of excellent simple salads:
  • puy lentils with roast pumpkin and balsamic vinegar
  • cannelloni beans with herbs and mustard dressing
  • my classic potato salad
Shortly after my parents and youngest sister arrived, we departed for Margaret River, where we had an excellent few days' break :)

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