Saturday, 2 June 2012

Back from Bali: Haggis!

We were in Bali last weekend for a short holiday and on our return we had just a touch of the 'Bali belly'! So this week has been very much a back-to-basics week; we've had lamb abruzzio, quesadillas, pasta with roast tomatoes, fajitas, and pork chops. Nothing exciting but no time to experiment. Tonight we made something I've been meaning to since January 25th this year -- haggis :) There is a little 'expat' shop down Albany Highway that sources them from a local butcher; at $20 a pop they're not cheap, but they certainly are tasty :) And more authentic than the ones I got back in the UK! I think this one was actually made with a real stomach. Mmmmm....

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