Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Toad in the Hole

I got back from my travels pretty exhausted so Saturday was a bit of a blur - we went to the Good Food and Wine show which didn't quite live up to the name, although I did get some nice dukkah. Sunday we had some friends from the UK over at the weekend on their way from a wedding elsewhere in Perth, and put on a big barbie for them - of course! Along with kangaroo steaks and prawns, we barbequed a mighty pile of sausages both as a back-up plan and to be useful for the rest of the week. Monday swung round and I left a very clear recipe for the man to follow: he did everything to the letter except randomly decided to barbeque the dish instead of baking it. Unfortunately Toad is essentially a soufflĂ©, and the poor thing turned into a total biscuit. Later in the week I simply had to make it again, properly! The eggs rose magnificently, the outside was crisp and the inside was squishy. Yum!

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