Saturday, 2 February 2013

Steak and Chinese Greens

Anther Nigel suggestion: a pan-fried steak atop a bed of Chinese greens with a splash of sweet chilli sauce. Maybe I just didn't 'get' this combination, but I found that a properly-made Thai beef salad takes these flavours and brings them to their proper, lip-stinging height. Admittedly, this was a lot faster to make, but aside from the improved flavours, you can also stretch a nice cut of beef a lot further if you spend the time to make a nice dressing and add some more interesting vegetables. On the plus side, the Malaysian 'Lobster Crackers' (100% prawn, flour and salt!) from the combined grocers' were excellent. Nige didn't suggest a carb and since we'd already combined Thai and Chinese flavours, we improvised! Then headed out to a cool free art display on the Canning River. Took our lobster crackers but they were too noisy to eat, so we got sloshed on homemade ginger beer instead.

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